'We don't have tack for that,' presented by ThinLine

Etsy is a wonderland for super-random horse stuff–including but not limited to UNICORN HORNS.

So far as I can tell, an Etsy vendor called Rustic Horse Shoe basically has a monopoly on the unicorn horn industry. They offer horns in a million different colors and unique styles:


So whether you're going for “classic unicorn”…


…the “whimsical woodland fairy” look…


… “medieval fair or bust”…


…or “ballerina princess pony” (sorry, pony)…


…Rustic Horse Shoe has your hookup. All photos via Rustic Horse Shoe's Etsy page–you can check it out here.


From Horse Nation reader/contributor Willard Scott, “Maggie Hitron and Cole Power just competed at Oktoberfest in Lexington, KY. Maggie finally got to live out her dream by riding a Unicorn XC.”

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