Two neglected horses found 'frozen to the ground' in Utah

The Weather Channel has the story on their amazing rescue and recovery.

Top photo from the Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Facebook Page

[The Weather Channel]

The Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses Facebook Page has been posting regular updates on the two horses' conditions. Tentatively named Elsa (the yearling) and Anna (the mare) from the movie Frozen, both have been receiving around-the-clock care from Ranch volunteers. Anna is on her feet and eating, while Elsa is having a more difficult time. From a post this morning, “Elsa is stable this morning but we need to get her up more while protecting her very fragile skin.” A sling is on its way from Colorado that will get her up and standing, which veterinarians feel is important to her recovery.
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What a sad story–here's hoping it has a happy ending. Let's give a hand to all the caring individuals and groups out there like Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses that are literally saving the lives of our country's neglected horses. If you wish to make a donation toward Elsa and Anna's recovery, visit, click on the donate button, and specify in the “Note” whether you wish your donation to be put toward specific horses or the general fund.

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Many thanks to Jocelyn for bringing this story to our attention! If you have a news tip, email it to [email protected] or post it on the Horse Nation Facebook page.



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