Eventing Nation: 10 signs you might be an eventer

Courtney Due of the JustJump3Day blog recently posted her own list of signs that you may suffer from the eventing bug. What you would add to the list?

A big thank-you to Courtney for allowing Eventing Nation to republish her post. To follow Courtney’s blog adventures, click here.

10 Signs You Might Be an Eventer

1. Someone mentions jumping their horse over a coffin, and this doesn’t sound strange at all to you.

2. The most expensive pair of pants you own are breeches.

3. You don’t blink at spending $300 on a winter turnout blanket for your horse, but you think $100 is a fortune to spend on your own winter coat.

4. When you see stacks of railroad timber on the side of the road, you wonder if anyone would notice if you hauled it away. You could build an awesome XC jump with all that!

5. You think golf courses are a terrible waste of perfect terrain.

6. You wear breeches, tall boots, and rock helmet hair without shame in public places.

7. When you mention going to Florida for the winter, your friends know you’re not talking about spending time on the beach.

8. You haven’t seen that new YouTube video everyone’s talking about, but you’ve watched Andrew Nicholson’s Burghley “Oh Crap!” moment 100 times.

9. You shell out $250 for a $0.95 ribbon and don’t think it’s crazy.

10. The combined worth of your tack is worth more than your car.



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