Video: Stable soundtrack

Barns are full of unique sounds that, for horse people, can be music to the ears. Reader Julien Guntz of Strasbourg, France, sent us this video she made–and it’s almost as enjoyable to watch with your eyes closed.

Julien writes, “I wanted to try to encapsulate sounds and images in a simple video–horses are perfect for that.” She used a Canon 5D Mark II camera and Zoom H2N mic. Be sure to listen/watch with the volume turned up!

LIKE ♥ HORSES from Julien Guntz on Vimeo.

I don’t know about you, but I experienced a very powerful reaction to this video. The familiar soundbites resonate with something that lies just beneath the conscious, like hearing a song for the first time but already knowing the words. What are your favorite barn sounds?


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