Beyoncé, Jay Z buy their 2-year-old daughter a Craigslist pony for her birthday

Just kidding! It’s a $75,000 Arabian.

Top: Horse Nation

According to recent tabloid buzz, the celebrity supercouple treated their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, to every Black Stallion watching little girl’s dream come true for her second birthday.

From TMZ’s Twitter feed:


The website Mediatakeout quotes their own “Beyoncé camp snitch” as saying: “Blue loves animals and expressed interest in having a horse… so they bought her one.” To be more specific, the proud parents allegedly purchased–wait for it–a $75,000 purebred Arabian. So funny, because that’s exactly what happened to me! Except for the “buying her one” and “$75,000” part.

Between bottles, the 2-year-old "express interest"

Between bottles, the 2-year-old “expressed interest in having a horse”


Mediatakeout writes that the horse is suitable for “competing in equestrian.” Equestrian what is not specified so we’ll just have to wait and see if Blue Ivy will become a showjumping arch-rival to Georgina Bloomberg’s baby, or perhaps a blinged-out barrel racer.


Apparently, Blue Ivy gets her love of horses from her mother. (From the horsey opening sequence of her “Run the World (Girls)” video.)


Here she is in a shoot for ‘Essence.’

Lest you fear baby Blue may grow up spoiled, know that Jay Z and his wife are cutting back on their expenditures for their only child. When she returned from the hospital after birth, her dad gave her a $600,000 solid-gold, handmade horse from a Japanese jewelry. So, really, a $75,000 live horses isn’t too over the top.

gold rocking horse


And, because we can, here is a video of someone who is NOT Beyoncé, performing a Beyoncé’s “Diva” on, under, and over a horse. We appreciate that she wears a helmet.

[Haydie Bird]

Go Riding.



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