Diary of a Working Student: Hello, Florida

Amelia Bayer, a working student for top eventer Sinead Halpin, catches us up on Team SHE’s latest exploits.

From Amelia:

What’s Been Going on at SHE!

Well, it’s been a while. With the excitement of Plantation and Fair Hill, followed by the craziness of the big move south, I have forgotten to keep everyone updated! So let’s see if I can fill in the gap.

Plantation was awesome. Even though it’s in my backyard, I’ve never been able to go watch because of school or work or something. Well this year, my work was at Plantation! It was my first time in the vet box at a 3*. When Tate crossed that finish line and won, the team quickly got to work before the celebration could begin. I am happy that I can report nothing exciting happened in the vet box and Tatey cooled out nicely! It was great to celebrate AS A TEAM for the win! Everyone was happy and petting Tate telling him how perfect he was. That win really brought the team together.


Hannah, Me, Kasey, and Baloo watching some 3* XC at Plantation

But unfortunately, as we all know, eventing is unpredictable. And as fast as that win came at Plantation, it took just enough time for the fall at Fair Hill. Again, I was waiting in the vet box watching Sinead from afar. It looked to be going really well and I felt that feeling of nervousness and excitement in my stomach. This is supposed to be when we take the lead! But alas, I saw Sinead jump one jump, and then never resurface. Then there was Tate, riderless. It was just shock. I don’t think any of us believed what just happened. Now we were on the other end of the spectrum, but again we were facing it as a team. Meg got Tate, Sarah and Hannah ran off to help Sinead, and Elizabeth and I remained to stay out of the chaos and wait for Tate to come to cool him out. Personally, I’m always impressed with how Sinead handles situations and this was no different. She never wavered and we all thought she was okay. Unfortunately, the small ankle injury sidelined her for a little bit but that just meant more lessons for us!

Tatey started his vacation after Fair Hill and the offseason officially commenced! We have arrived at Oak Lane Farm in Citra, FL and currently have 9 horses that will be back in work AFTER THE WEDDING! While Sinead and Tik are off in sunny Mexico tying the knot, Sarah, Alex, and I are holding down the fort here in not-so-warm Florida. Eventually we will have 14 horses and additional clients who will come down to train beginning mid-January.


How I spent my first birthday in Florida

And for those of you wondering about Oni and Roadie–Oni remained home in Pennsylvania with my mom and sister. He became lame again and this time nobody could pinpoint the reason why, so we decided that giving him time off would be the best solution. So thank you to everyone back home who is taking care of him and spoiling him rotten, I can’t wait to see him in April! This is the longest time I’ve been away from him in 4 1/2 years, beating out my three week exchange student trip to Germany.

As for Roadie, he made his first trip to Florida! I have taken over the ride permanently and our first show is scheduled for Rocking Horse at Novice level! I’m extremely excited for his Novice debut, and crepes! Roadie is an amazingly talented little OTTB and I can’t wait to start the 2014 season with him. Here’s to the beginning of 2014! Hopefully it will be full of more wins than falls.


Roadie’s first ride in Florida


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