6 real-world translations of equestrian terms

It’s easy to lose track of what certain terms really mean when you’re in the thick of the horse world. Here’s a handy guide to bring you back to reality.

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Ever wondered why ordinary people’s eyes start to glaze over when you tell them about the intricate goings-on at your barn? It might just be that they don’t know the lingo…or they think you’re insane.



Investment Pony

Equestrian definition: A pony bought in the hopes it can be resold for a higher price after showing at a high level (often hunter-jumper)

Real world definition: If your “investment” literally eats up money through expensive training, board and show fees, and it depreciates as it ages, it’s the definition of a terrible investment.

Practical Horseman

Equestrian definition: A magazine with how-tos, interviews, and articles about riding, competition and horse care.

Real world definition: Impractical Horseman.


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Pasture Ornament

Equestrian definition: An unsound horse living out its retirement in a pasture as a pet.

Real world definition: A cash-eating pooping machine.



Beginner Safe

Equestrian definition: A quiet horse that you would allow someone who has never ridden before to ride.

Real world definition: A quiet horse that most likely won’t kill someone who has never ridden before.

Horse Sense

Equestrian definition: The ability to pick good horses well-suited to their purpose.

Real world definition: An idiom that has come to mean “common sense” but if you’ve ever met someone who is willing to put his or her life in the hands of an unpredictable flight animal, you know this is completely ridiculous.

Free Horse

Equestrian definition: A horse rescued from a bad situation, or given away by its previous owner. Might be a fixer-upper!

Real world definition: Yeah, not even close, no matter what you told your significant other.


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