A big Horse Nation welcome to our newest sponsor, Back on Track!

We are so psyched to add Back on Track to our dream-team of sponsors–here’s why!

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This line of therapeutic blankets, wraps, boots and saddle pads uses a blend of ancient Chinese medical knowledge, hi tech textiles and  long wave infrared radiation and can help …

* loosen up muscles before workouts

* ease pain and tension

* increase circulation and resist and reduce inflammation

* speed recovery from injuries and from intense work

Basically, they can help your horse feel better and move better. For real.

Check out these thermagraphic images of a horse’s back. Red = “ouchy.” Notice how much less of it there is after only two weeks with a Back on Track blanket.


There’s a whole range of options for applying the nifty therapy where it’s most needed, including:

bot bells

Bell boots

bot boot

Exercise boots

BOT wraps


bot hock boot

Hock and  knee boots

bot english pad

English saddle pads

bot western pad

Western saddle pads

bot ex sheet

Exercise sheets

bot blankey


Top riders across the disciplines have been swearing by Back on Track products for years. Steffen Peters, Ann Kursinski and Beezie Madden not only use the products on their horses, they also use the Back on Track people products on themselves. (Margie Engle sleeps under a Back on Track Blanket.) See what they say about the difference they make with their horses in this video:

I’ve seen these products work wonders on horses. There’s a mare I know who greets the morning with what look like fat, furry Holsteiner sausages below the knees if she doesn’t wear her Back on Track boots at night. And a gelding who turns from Mr. Happy to the equine version of Grumpy Cat if he doesn’t enjoy a pre-ride session with his Back on Track sheet.  Read about what vets say about the products and what scientific studies have revealed on the Back on Track website and be sure to check out the company’s Facebook page and learn about their products for dogs and people.  Stay tuned for how to win your very own Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet.

Go Back on Track!

Go (pain-free) Riding!


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