Best of HN 2013, #6: 11 Reasons to be thankful for George Morris

Between now and the New Year, we’re counting down HN’s most popular posts of 2013. With 74,139 views, here’s #6.

11 Reasons to be thankful for George Morris by Shara Rutberg, published Dec. 2, 2013:

Our sport’s very own lovable Grumpy Cat in (spit-shined) tall boots with perfect equitation and an eye nearly as sharp as his tongue, there are endless reasons to be thankful for the 75-year-old master who can still maintain a exemplary leg over fences and knock you off one with zingers. Here are just a few, with supporting quotes stolen from clinics across the interwebs.

1. Because he is single-handedly keeping hairnet companies in business.


2. Because he has educated us about wildlife better than any National Geographic special:


3. Because he has doled out decades of subtle weight-loss tips:



4. Because he can still walk the walk, jump the jumps and tempi the tempis at age 75.

gm jumping

5. Because he banished cancer like a student who showed up for a clinic in colored saddle pad and a sheepskin girth cover.



6. Because he cares enough to correct our auditing etiquette.


7. Because he has helped define our sleeping (and yawning) habits.


8. Because of his extraordinarily creative menu of critiques.


9. Because he provides a clearer solution to America’s healthcare crisis than any presidential administration every could:


10. Because of his decades years of tactful advice.



11.. Because his advice on love is as accurate as his wisdom about jumping.


Go Riding.


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