Showjumper Georgina Bloomberg gives birth to a baby boy

Georgina Bloomberg wears many hats — Grand Prix showjumper, co-author, Equine Welfare Ambassador, and now — Mom.

[top image: J. Otte Photography,]

This Christmas Eve, Georgina Bloomberg and longtime boyfriend Ramiro Quintana welcomed their son Jasper Michael Brown Quintana into the world. According to the New York Daily News, Grandpa Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, says “They are going to make really wonderful parents, and what an incredible way to start the new year.”

With two showjumper parents and a barn full of Grand Prix horses and prospects in Wellington, Jasper appears to have all the resources he needs to follow in Mom and Dad’s footsteps as a professional showjumper. His mother already rescued a pregnant mini horse mare from the ASPCA Adoption Day at the Hampton Classic in 2011, and hopes that the colt will be her child’s first horse. Until Jasper’s big enough for the mini, though, he may just have to settle for a Daddle.

But in a few years…watch out! If he gets the horse bug as bad as his parents, Jasper is sure to clean up in the short stirrup division, or, you know, Grand Prix, like this kid:

True to form, Georgina plans to return to riding soon. During her pregnancy, Georgina told The Chronicle of the Horse that she planned to begin going to the gym again in January to prepare to ride, but recognized that plans might change. Her last competition was the Hampton Classic this past August, where she and Juvina made the jumpoff on Grand Prix Sunday, but were beat out by Kent Farrington and Zafira.

Go Riding.

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