Watch: ‘A Heartland Christmas’

‘Tis the season for Heartland drama! Horse Nation’s galloping film critic Amanda Ronan checks out this Canadian TV show’s holiday special.

From Amanda:


The film begins with a quintessential Christmas scene, bringing home a Christmas tree, and because we are in Heartland it involves a horse drawn sleigh.


Ty, via town vet Scott, receives a call that there were horses trapped by an avalanche in a nearby town, Pike River. Amy (because she’s Amy) and Ty (because he loves Amy) are off to the rescue. They find the horses trapped between a frozen waterfall, two steep cliff faces and this…


The horses left alive have no food, no water, and no shelter.


They make a brief failed attempt to walk the horses up the snow bank.


After giving the horses several bales of hay and blanketing as many as they can, Ty and Amy head in to town for the night. The town is inhospitable… and that’s putting it lightly. They have to call for backup. In comes, Grandpa Jack and Dad Tim.


There best idea is to dig a trench at the top of the snow mound. They begin work immediately.


Unfortunately, the cranky landowner (and owner of the horses) shows up with a hunting rifle, triggering another avalanche!


Will the Heartland crew save the horses?!?  You’ll just have to watch and see!

I mean, come on, this is Heartland. I have a special place in my heart for this Canadian TV show. It has the unique ability to be cute and comforting without being cliché, showing realistic life problems and a happily ever after. This Christmas special is no exception.

The show regulars are all at their best. Ty is optimistic and endearing as always. Amy is hardheaded and hell-bound to rescue those horses. Grandpa Jack and Dad Tim bicker in their special bromance way. Back home, in the secondary stories, Lou is in her perfect, PERFECT, perfect! full tilt neurotic mode (she murders Frosty but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and Mallory calls her out on it while Caleb and Ashley are learning about the trials and tribulations of young love. The new characters are also great and multidimensional. The cranky landowner isn’t just cranky… he’s damaged and heartbroken.

I give A Heartland Christmas (2010) 4 out of 4 Golden Horseshoes.


Go Riding and Merry Christmas!


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