Hey Girl: Equestrian sexy Santa

Here at Horse Nation, we believe you can never have too many half-clothed men whispering sweet, sweet horsey lies into your ear, especially if they’re wearing Santa hats. Take it away, Amanda Ronan!

Top: Ben Affleck in Reindeer Games (2000).

From Amanda:

What’s Christmas without a few sexy, celebrity Santas?

First up, Ashton Kutcher from CBS’s Two and a Half Men.

Or how about Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead (2005).

Then there’s always Ryan Phillippe from Studio 54 (1998).

My personal favorite is Max Greenfield as the hilarious character Schmidt on Fox’s New Girl.

For the gentlemen, the lovely Giselle jingles her bells in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

And can any of us say we haven’t dreamed of a random handsome Friesian Santa at least once?

Last but not least, is Horse Nation “Hey Girl” hero Ryan Gosling from a web special titled A Very Special Drunk History of Christmas (2011). Technically he doesn’t play Santa, but for Mr. Gosling we can make an exception.

Happy Holidays and Go Riding!


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