Eventing Nation: Holiday shopping guide – last minute gifts

Procrastinators unite! Erin Critz comes to the rescue.

‘Tis the season to have absolutely no idea what to get any of your friends or family, for the umpteenth year in a row. Every once in a while you find the perfect present, but especially for horsey friends, the pressure is on. Obviously you’ll be purchasing something horse-related, but does it have to be pink and have a fat pony on it? We here at Eventing Nation say NAY! That’s why this holiday season each one of our impressive staff writers is picking one unique, amazing, thoughtful and clever horsey gift to help you along during this time of stress. Happy holidays!

From Erin:

It’s the absolute last minute.  Seriously, why did you wait this long?  If you’re anything like me it’s simply that the time just got away from you.  It can be pretty overwhelming when you’re faced with the critical dilemma of what to get those last few people on your gift-list and know full well that even overnight shipping won’t save you. That’s where EN comes in.  Here are some last-minute gift ideas that may just save the day!

Do your friends love to go cross-country schooling? Do they spend more time at your local horse park than they do at home?  Perhaps a day-pass or year’s membership for your local horse-park is in order!  I know I always forget to renew my memberships at least one of our local horse-parks and if I was smart, I’d renew all of them right now while it’s on my mind.  The great thing about this is that not only are you supporting the community at large, but some horse parks are set up in such a way that your membership fees are tax deductible.  How awesome is that?  Fair warning, this one might be a bit tricky to pull off, but it is certainly worth calling up your local horse park to see if they can help you out.  I know I’ll be on the horn with Woodside, Fresno County Horse Park and Camelot the moment I can sneak away from the festivities!

Do you have a friend who hauls you and your horse everywhere? Being the nerd without her own trailer, I’ve got a few trailer-owning buddies who I am eternally indebted to.  Without trailer-owning friends there would be far less hijinks and far fewer adventures.  These fine friends put wear and tear on their vehicles in the name of fun.  Do yourself a favor and become the best tag-along ever and pick them up a gas gift card. We all know how expensive gas is and a free tank is sure to be appreciated.  If you want to go the extra mile you could also grab them a gift certificate for an oil change too! [Gasoline Gift Cards][JiffyLube Gift Cards]


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