O Zebra, Where Art Thou?

Tennessee residents have spotted an unusually fleet-footed four-legged friend zipping in and out of their neighborhoods and it ain’t Rudolph.

It’s Zeke.

zebra on the loose


Two months ago, like some gravity-defying convict in striped coveralls, Zeke the zebra jumped the fence at Ronald Price’s farm in Cleveland, Tenn. The wily equine has eluded capture ever since, though he’s been spotted at local businesses, homes, and even along the highway, reports UPI.

“Yes, honey, there’s a zebra in the yard,” Bradley County resident Tony Cameron told his wife, Shelley, when Zeke first appeared on their lawn. Apparently, Zeek’s been hanging out on 200 acres belonging to the Cameron family. The zebra’s no fool — the family puts out deer feeders throughout their property and Zeke’s been indulging in a holiday buffet.

The Cameron kids, of course,  love him.

The elusive Zeke dashes through the Camerons' yard

The elusive Zeke dashes through the Camerons’ yard


Authorities have not been much help in capturing the equine escapee. “We have no authority over zebra,” said Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency officer Ben Davis.

Price is offering a $200 reward for Zeke’s return, according to Newschannel9.

Price purchased the 2-year-old zebra, along with a camel named Dexter, to join his herd of  hundreds of cattle and horses on his farm. Dexter, apparently, was not as good a jumper as Zeek, as he’s still hanging out with the cows.

The zebra does not pose any threat to people, says his owner. “He’s loving and friendly,” says Price. And fast.

East Tennessee residents are undoubtedly relieved Price’s exotic taste did not tend toward the carnivorous.

If you see Zeke, watch your fingers. And your Cheetos.

(Check out the slo-mo replay from another zebra – not Zeke)

Go Riding.


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