Hi-ha Silver! ‘Lone Ranger’ blooper reel

Silver seemed unimpressed with Johnny Depp’s Indian getup in clips from a just-unveiled Lone Ranger blooper reel. Maybe it was the dead bird on his head?

The blooper reel from the movie’s production was released along with the Blu-ray edition of the flick which hit stores this week.

In addition to being panned by critics…




[Rotten Tomatoes]

…the film didn’t earn much silver. It cost $225 million to make and brought in only $86.8 million at the box office, according to Daily Mail. Not good numbers, even for a horse venture. (How do you make a little money in horses? Start with a lot.)

But it did have some great horse footage. Which, of course, comes with the expected share of mishaps and poop.

“When you’re in the ring and the camera’s rolling,” DeppĀ told MTV, “you’re out there with your character and your partner, you never know what’s going to happen.” For example, your partner may be a 1,000-pound animal who develops a fascination with your arm pit.

The blooper reel doesn’t include Depp’s fall from his horse, and the paint’s leap over Tonto. But that’s OK, we do!:

Enjoy the bloopers:

And, if you’re really feeling it, here’s 20 more minutes of behind-the-scenes action from the film, including a peek of the masked man and his sidekick at “cowboy bootcamp”:

Go Riding.


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