Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a toy horse at the National Rodeo Finals

It’s pretty ridiculous.

The action-hero California governor posted this iPhone video on YouTube last week, with the explanation, “This weekend I visited the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. I’m not as ballsy as those cowboys, but the lady running this booth called my bluff when I asked if I could ride the toy horse. As always, an iPhone was watching, so wanted to share the fun with you.”

[Arnold Schwarzenegger]

What exactly is he riding, anyway? (And why didn’t they exist when WE were kids?)

We first spotted these toy horses in a super random Chinese YouTube video a couple years back:


These days they’re all over the place — here’s the $393.99 UFREE model available via Amazon.


Readers pointed out that there was a whole stable full of them at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event last year.



They are pretty irresistible… even, I suppose, for Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Go Riding.


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