Best Gift Ever: 3 Ways to Transform Bedroom to Barn

I’m sure I wasn’t the only horse-crazy kid who dreamed of Saddle Club-esque sleepovers in the barn. But an awesome pony-themed bedroom would have been the next best thing.

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Forget sugardrops and candy canes…any horse-crazy kid worth his or her salt is dreaming of a pony under the tree this Christmas. Of course, that might not exactly go as planned…but decorating the bedroom to become a horse-crazy haven? YES.


Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.13.56 PM


For the kid who counts strides between light poles on the highway…or between mailboxes…or, well, anywhere. Clearly these bed frames are designed by real horse people–different models have features like flower filler and dressage letters, and several come with space for ribbons and photos of favorite ponies. And yes–for grownups, they come in Queen, Full and King.

Lifelike Rocking Horses





There are also vendors out there who will make GIANT rocking horses. Sure, they cost as much as a live horse, but there’s no board, vet or farrier fees…so really you’re saving money (or at least, that’s what I would have told my parents). And  I’m sure they’d be great for practicing two-point or around the world without dragging parents out to the barn in the cold!

Or, if you happen to have an extra saddle hanging around…


Wall Decals

Of course, tricked-out bed frames and rocking horses don’t come cheap. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to transform a bedroom, wall decals are the way to go.







Go Riding.

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