Best of Craigslist: ‘It is a Ponky!’

Translation: Pony + donkey = ponky. Look, her hooves are painted pink! I kind of really want her — Is that bad?

Here’s the ad, excavated from the depths of Craigslist by HN’s intrepid Internet adventurer Shara Rutberg.

It is a Ponky! (KS)

Is it a donkey? Is it a pony? No! It’s a Christmas ponky!

“Banjo” is a four year old pony mule that is ready for her new home. Banjo is chock full of wonderfull mule-ness…she is standoffish with new people, but totally devoted to her little girl, she is brave beyond belief, and can thrive on weeds. Banjo is a character delux, and has all the heartiness/toughness/gumption and quirks that make mules lifelong partners. She packs, rides, she can cover ground like a mountain goat, can help us with cattle on our feedlot, and allows her little girl to paint her hooves pink all day long. Banjo is sweet natured, stands for the farrier, bathes, and will willing hop into the trailer to go on an adventure with her overly excited human-child partner. Banjo is a good riding (English or western) ponky, and has a quiet disposition.

No bucking, no taking off, no biting, no kicking…no kidding! No foundering (it is next to impossible to founder a ponky) and good around big horses and other ponies alike. Banjo is up to date on vaccinations, trimming, worming and all long-ear bray training courses. She lives for trail rides and pina coladas on the beach…or at least a cookie back at the trailer.

$1,800 for Banjo, or $2,100 for her plus all her western tack – saddle, pad, bridle, bit, reins…everything you need to take her home and hop right on!

785- eight 0 six – 9118 call, email, or text!!





Awww… I seriously need that Ponky. Here’s another steal. Reader Lynn, who sent us the link, writes, “$50 for a 15 year old hunter jumper prospect… Hold me back!”

Horse for sale- thoroughbred cross – $50 (Lynden)

Grey thoroughbred cross 15.3 hh, 15 yrs old. Sweet personality, beautiful mover, needs experienced rider. Or would make a good companion for another horse. Green broke and needs training but would be a good hunter/jumper prospect with the right training. Bought her for my kids but needs training first and I just don’t have the time to train her. Please email if interested.



And… the bargain of the year, a pair of matching unicorns for $925,000. Which is a lot of dough, sure, but THEY’RE UNICORNS, PEOPLE. Totally worth the investment. A big thanks to reader Arwyn Anthony for sending this ad our way. Arwyn, we are forever in your debt.

2 Unicorns for sale. Must go together. -$925000 (Goffstown)

We are selling 2 purebred unicorns. Male is 3 years old named Pagasus. Female is 5 years old and named Daisy. Price of $930,000 USD is per unicorn.

Unicorns are hand fed from birth, and require just as much attention if you do decide to welcome a unicorn into your home.

We are the only fully licensed unicorn breeder in North America, and are NUBAA certified. Call now to be put on the waiting list, on which wait times start at 9 months out


We also offer unicorn eggs for purchase.


Go Craigslist.

Readers, if you stumble across an “interesting” Craigslist ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Maybe you’ll connect the horse with a perfect home… who knows? Email links to [email protected].


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