Evention TV’s ‘Dressage Skillz’ Music Video, Deconstructed

There is so much going on in this new video released last night on EventionTV, I thought it deserved a play-by-play.


0:35 – Just another ordinary day in the life of an eventer, right?


1:12 – Wrong. Dom’s putting on his Yeezy shades. It’s about to get real up in here.



1:38 – As the beat drops, let’s take a moment to appreciate Dom’s oversize yellow timepiece neck-bling, clearly inspired by the great Flavor Flav.



1:40 -Dom’s flow here is impeccable:

We hit the warmup, trot is pumpin’ / horse is rarin’ canter’s jumpin / step aside cause I am comin’…

1:51 – If I saw this guy coming at me in the warmup, I’d probably just scratch.


2:02 – Lookin’ flossy, Dom. That saddle pad is hella tight.

I got them dressage skillz / I give them judges chills / Born to shine on the centerline / Just keepin’ it real


2:11 – Makin’ it rain.


2:32 – Still makin’ it rain.


2:54 -OH HELLO, DOM.

When I’m done dropping bombs in the 60 x 20 / I go online and check to see if I just scored in the 20s


3:02 – UH-OH.

But dominating I am not, she gave me a score of 60-WHAT?!? / Above the bit, that’s a load of $h!t / you’re making me illz


3:14 – Now he’s making it rain score sheets. Never, ever let a dressage judge steal your shine.


3:48 – This next segment is important for two reasons:

(1) Its powerful, inspirational message:

So the next time all that flatwork got you down in the dumps / don’t forget that after all that we all just here for the jumps / so hold your head up to the sky and just sit up there looking fly / you never have to wonder why if you remember that you always say / I got them dressage skillz

and (2) I’m pretty sure Dom is wearing a grill.


4:02 – This is, like, the zenith of Dom’s dressage riding career, and he’s letting us be a part of it. Pretty special.


4:09 – Gettin’ jiggy with the final salute.


4:33 – Listen up kids, it’s time for the take-away:

All you sand-dancers out there

Pause, rewind: “SAND-DANCERS”

just keep it real / keep your head up high / kick on


4:38 – I am so on board with this guy right now. Lead the way, Dom. Take us to the light.

4:40 – Cut, fade back to reality, where it appears that Dom has either bonked his head in the tack room or has a raging syzzurp hangover.


5:01 – I guess we’ll never know.


Evention is produced by Jimmie and Dom Shramm of Schramm Equestrian and filmed by Right Start Photography. Be sure to visit EventionTV.com, where you can view, comment, share and explore videos as well as check out new features and other happenings on Evention. All-new episodes are posted every other Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. EST. Like Evention on Facebook here.

Go Evention, and Go Eventing!


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