#TBT: 14 Things No One Told Me Before I Bought a Horse

Whatever you think you know about horses, there are a few things you’ve just got to learn for yourself. Laura Berling shares some of her own personal insights.

14 Things No One Told Me Before I Bought a Horse….

1. My horse toots whenever I do anything near her tail. They are silent but deadly and I used to think it was a coincidence, but now I’m thinking they’re totally on purpose.


2. Fungus can grow on your horse. Fungus! Freaking fungus! And it’s your responsibility as the horse owner to pick the scabs off… Gewww!


3. Flies and mosquitoes are the enemy. I have always been one of those types to trap bugs and take them outside. But all bets are off at the barn. STAY AWAY FROM MY HORSE!


4. My horse has no problem sneezing in my face… or anyone’s face for that matter.


5. Clippers + Ears = hysterical horse.


6. Clippers + whiskers = ticklish horse.


7. I will get slimed with slobber after each ride, especially at shows when I’m wearing white breeches.


8. Birds, cats and children are all scary.


9. All horses poop the second they get in a trailer. Seriously.


11. Mane braiding is a terrifying experience (for my horse) and requires copious amounts of treats and reassurances.


12. Hooves. Their little tootsies are expensive! And they need to be done at least every six weeks. Six weeks comes around really fast. And my horse doesn’t even have shoes!


13. Your horse will get hurt. There’s no avoiding it. They will run through dead branches and scratch themselves, they will kick down gates, they will fall and they will run into things. It’s like having a wild little boy and you wonder how in the world they manage to get themselves into so much trouble.


14. And finally, I never anticipated how anxious and exhilarated I would be to see her everyday. Anxious because I worry she might be hurt, and exhilarated because, well, my horse is my life.


Go Riding.

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About Laura: I’m a 30 year old financial analyst who daydreams about horses all day. The barn in my haven and my horse Savannah is my soul-mate. Together we attempt to ride dressage. 


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