Dance Pony Dance in a Christmas Sweater

He doesn’t need to twerk. His prancing is utterly adorable, and his moonwalk makes millions smile. Yes, Socks the moonwalking pony is back for a Christmas campaign–and he brought friends.

Top photo: Three

Here is Socks, the Shetland pony who became an internet sensation earlier this year when millions around the world admired his dance moves in this YouTube video for a European mobile network, IN A CHRISTMAS SWEATER.

three socks merry

After being plucked from obscurity like a shaggy Susan Boyle in an X Factor-like cute pony competition, the now-famous equine stars in an updated version of his famous video promoting the mobile network Three, Visit Scotland and Shetland (the actual place where they grow the ponies!) for The Knitwear Before Christmas campaign, reports In the ads, along with hair extensions, he sports a Fair Isle Christmas sweater created by Shetland designer Doreen Brown.

“We are delighted to see that he is once again showing off not just his dance moves and new Fair Isle knitwear, but also the spectacular scenery of this unique and magical part of the world,” said Steve Mathieson of Visit Scotland.

In what may be the equine cuteness equivalent of chocolate meets peanut butter, Socks and his sweater-wearing brethren combine in one adorable Christmas video.

sweater ponies



socks prance



Clearly, you cannot possibly look as cute as Socks in a holiday sweater. And very few in the world can pull off adorable while moonwalking in one. But if you think you’re pretty cute, you could win a trip to Shetland to meet Socks, live and in pony. Beginning Dec. 16, tweet a picture of yourself in festive knitwear to @ThreeUK and @VisitScotland using the hashtag #KnitwearBeforeXmas.

You can also create your own holiday e-cards featuring Socks and his Shetland friends frolicking in the usual Shetland pony ways like sledding, nibbling mistletoe, having snowball fights and hanging in the hot tub. And, on his Facebook page, Socks is running a contest to win limited edition mini Socks.

BONUS! Watch how they got those ponies into their sweater here:


Go Riding.


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