Salvation by Pony

A four-year-old pony stole the show–and the bell–at the kickoff ceremony for the Salvation Army’s holiday fundraising drive last week in Yakima, Washington.

Top: Yakima Herald

Three Salvation Army volunteers played Christmas carols on instruments, but clearly, the crowd wanted More Pony Bell. When Marley the pony took the bell in her teeth and rang it, the collection bucket rang with donations, according to the Yakima Herald.

This is the pony’s second year as a bell ringer.

“My husband’s been involved in the Salvation Army for years, and Marley like ringing her bell, so we just put it together,” Marley’s owner, Glenda Bansmer, told the paper.

The pony was so eager to raise funds for the local food bank that she shook the handle clear off the bell.

Marley is not the first small equine to pony up for charity. Last year, Tinker another Salvation Army pony, outraised her human counterparts ten to one.

Watch Handsome, another member of the Salvation Equine Army, lure in the cash here:

Go Riding.


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