HN Holiday Gift Guide: Candy Cane Recipe Bran Mash

If the way to a horse’s heart is through his stomach, this gift idea from Lauren Morris will endear you to your horse forever.

From Lauren:

‘Tis the season for all things delish! If you’re like me, you love finding ways to spoil your horse around the holidays and let them know just how much you care. This really must confuse the heck out of them… “There are these random days when she gives us special things? She must have been really impressed with how much I tore up my stall last night! Let’s go for two!” What better way to accomplish this goal, than to give them a bran mash treat so deliciously aromatic that you will give a few seconds of thought to scooping some for yourself?!


This Candy Cane Recipe Bran Mash by Equine Edibles is pure magic. We have been ordering it religiously from SmartPak for several years for our own guys and gals, but it also makes the perfect gift. 7.5 lb bucket for me, 22 oz. bag for you! The perfect gift for every equestrian on your list: the horse crazy little girl taking lessons? Tired school horse gets a bonus! The backyard horse owner? Save them from trying to bake (burn!) something containing sweet feed and shredded carrot! The boarder? Their horse will be the envy of the barn… his/her owner REALLY cares!

Ready to go out of the bag, all you need is water of a temperature to suit your equine’s preference. Too bland? Mix in some apple juice for an extra twist of flavor!

Also, be sure to check out the variety of flavors offered by Equine Edibles, for year-round mashes sure to please even the pickiest of palates!


Lauren is a 28-year-old Project Manager for a historic restoration company. She lives on a small farm in Virginia, along with her husband, their 20-month-old daughter, and a veritable cornucopia of pets and livestock. She is a Type-A overachiever who thrives on deadlines and limited amounts of sleep. With experience showing hunters, her current riding goals include re-establishing fitness following pregnancy and enjoying the more casual-side of riding outside of the show ring.