Amanda Ronan: 4 horse movies I’m thankful for

Our galloping movie critic lists off her favorite horse movies of all time. Which do you think will make the list?

From Amanda:

In a veritable sea of “bad” horse movies, there are a few that I’m thankful for.

The Black Stallion (1979).  This iconic film is, for lack of a better word, perfect.  A long standing favorite of my 80’s generation, it also manages to captivate my 5 year old daughter.

Black Beauty (1994).  This was the first movie to make me cry.  At 11 years old… I kid you not… I was inconsolable. Why Ginger!?! Why?!?

Secretariat (2011).  A rockin’ soundtrack, star-studded cast and all the horse power you could ask for in a movie that shows a ‘lil old housewife breaking into the boys club.

And finally, Seabiscuit (2003).

“He fixed us.”  Truer words were never said.

Go riding.


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