Wednesday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

Thirteen finalists have been selected in an Eventing Nation “Make Your Own Stirrups” contest to win a new pair of Amerigo stirrups. Vote on your favorite!

From Jenni:

Amerigo has just introduced a new model of stirrups, and we asked EN readers to make their own stirrups for a chance to win a pair courtesy of our awesome sponsor World Equestrian Brands. The stirrups, made from aluminum, feature a self-cleaning tread and an excellent grip for all types of boots. The 30-degree inclination of the hole through which the stirrup leathers are threaded allows the stirrups to remain in the correct position at all times, and the wide tread enhances lower leg stability.

We received a HUGE response to this contest, and I posted the best entries below that followed all the contest rules. As a side note, we received a lot of entries that used a horse shoe as a stirrup. Great idea, but since there were so many of you who used the same entry, those sadly didn’t make the cut. Without further ado, here are the entries. Vote below in the poll for which EN reader you think should win the pair of new Amerigo stirrups! The poll closes at noon EST tomorrow, Nov. 27–go vote here.

1. Kerry Handron

“Good enough to eat!”

2. Maddy Miles

“Made out of clay with bead accents.”

3. Katie Passerotti

“The mustachioed look is very trendy with the hipsters now-a-days ;)”

4. Rachel Zeeve

5. Taggert VinZant

6. Elle Eberts

7. Molly Smith

“Rainbow loom stirrups!”

8. Jodi Perkins

“I made my stirrup from Styrofoam, electrical tape, duct tape, wire, and decorative chain.”

9. Ryan Bean

“I made them out of stainless steel fuel injector line that I had lying around. It was all bent and welded together. The CM in the foot pad area is my horse’s initials.”

10. Allie Conrad

“The most clever stirrup design around, the badly macrame baling twine complimented by black and purple gorilla tape footbeds. These space-age footbeds form to your socked foot, perfect for craigslist ads or teaching un-helmeted children on 2-year-old, unwormed stud colts. You’ll appreciate the slow release lead rope integrated in the stirrup design; simply untie, and in two hours, you will have a handy leading device! Also doubles as a dog toy, according to Cooper.”

11. Kathy Cahoon

“This is Kylie’s pony Trigger, sporting his snowman Christmas stirrups.”

12. Cassidy Sitton

“Materials: zip ties and gorilla tape (because you can make anything out of those!); jump cup pin and a cell phone that’s seen the bottom of too many water buckets (providing traction and natural angle footbed); and of course some bling!”

13. Callie Mirkowsky

Now go vote!

Check out World Equestrian Brands’ full product line here.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!