A Horse Walks into a Bar…

Actually it was a cowboy. His horses, which were “parked” outside the saloon, caused a buzz in downtown Phoenix.

Next time he leaves his horses hitched in the middle of a metropolis, Doc Mischler said he’ll be sure to leave his contact info somewhere visible. Clearly, today’s cowboy needs a saddle pad with his cell phone number.

Mischler’s three horses caused concern Sunday when they were left unattended for hours in downtown Phoenix, according to ABC 15. Concerned passersby called the authorities, who relocated the horses to an Arizona Equine Rescue Association facility.

The horses, however, were found to be in fine condition. Mischler travels around the country, alternating rides on his three horses. “They enjoy it,” he told the ABC affiliate.  “They’re in great shape. They get plenty to eat thanks to the people along the way.”


Cowboy says he’s “living his dream.”

He said it was no big deal–he’s done this before in other big cities. Clearly more liberal than this Arizona outpost, San Francisco had no problem with three horses parked downtown.

Arizona animal welfare officials were not quite so chill with the horses’ predicament. “You could’ve had some people let them loose and think it was fun to unhook them from their ties,” said Soleil Dolce, vice president of the Arizona Equine Rescue Association. “Someone could’ve taken off with them. You never know what somebody’s going to do in that situation.”

“The people were concerned about my horses, and understandably so,” said Mischler. “I should’ve given my contact number so they could’ve contacted me and I could’ve told them everything’s fine.”

It wasn’t as if he’d been riding downtown slightly pickled with a pug in pack. That’s another story.

Patrick Neal Schumacher was busted for drunk riding, on his way across the West. His pug, Buford, was sober.

Patrick Neal Schumacher was busted for drunk riding in Boulder, CO, on his way across the West. His pug, Buford, was sober.

Soon, it will be easier to grab a bite to eat with your horse in Arizona without worrying about authorities relocating your equine friends. A McDonald’s with an official hitching post and equine access is planned for the town of Cave Creek, according to azcentral.

Learn more about Mischler, the (at least temporarily) urban cowboy, here:

Go Riding.


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