Lindsay Rausch: The aftermath

A week after severe storms and tornadoes tore through the Midwest, destroying many homes, an Indiana equestrian takes a moment to look around and count her blessings.

From Lindsay:

On Sunday as I looked out the window to see the bright sun it was hard to believe that a week ago at that same time I was coming out of my basement to survey the storm damage and try to figure out where to start. I live in western Indiana in Boilermaker territory, and we had several confirmed tornadoes within a few miles of us. The storm took out our power and the barn was dealt a hard hit, losing part of its roof amongst other things. Looking at our cattle and barn cat it was a day that I was happy to say that we don’t have horses at home.

With part of the barn roof missing and new leaks all over the place, tarping the hay was only going to be a short term solution to the problem. Being any usual farm couple, my husband and I thought about it and knew that the most logical place to put the hay was in our garage/shop. Now the garage smells like beautiful hay and this is what I see when I go to get my car.


I am thankful that my family is safe and that we fared so well. In this time of Thanksgiving please remember those across the Midwest that lost so much.

Happy Thanksgiving, and blessings to your families (horses included).

Lindsay Rausch learned to ride at a young age from her mom who had been a trainer and horsemanship instructor in a previous life. Lindsay has always been a western trail rider, and even though she has not owned a horse of her own she has always looked for any chance to get a leg in the saddle. She is currently setting up a 10-acre farm for cattle and horses. Lindsay would love to hear questions that readers have about the western world that she could research for the Horse Nation.


Lindsay with a 6-month-old orphaned foal


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