The Noun Project: Horse

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. Other times a picture says just two: horse manure.

[top image: Luis Prado, from The Noun Project]

Ever wonder who makes the images for “horse crossing” signs and Olympic pictograms?  (It’s not Horse Nation; the FEI has made sure of that.)

The Noun Project is an online visual dictionary of all kinds of nouns, represented in their simplest form by designers who are willing to put their work out there for free.

Some you might recognize…


 [Wikimedia Commons]


[Designed by Reuben of the Noun Project]

And there’s plenty of other simple images in that vein…


[Mikael Merritt , from the Noun Project]Reuben[Reuben, from the Noun Project]


[James Keuning, from the Noun Project]



…others, though, have more…specific meanings.


[Luis Prado, from The Noun Project]

There’s even one for the invisible horsey dance from Gangnam Style. You know, just in case you ever need to use it for your next work or school presentation.


[Gangnam Style designed by Arjun Mahanti from The Noun Project]

Go Riding.