17 Things Horse People Do That Shock and Sometimes Disturb Non-horse People

Karlie Mitchell lays it all out there.

From Karlie:

I get a lot of shocked and sometimes disturbed looks from non-horse people over things I do or admit to doing regarding my horses quite regularly. Here are a few from a never-ending list:

  •  Wearing old worn out clothes while your horse runs around tearing up brand new blankets
  • Refusing to get a manicure or pedicure or anything along that lines, yet your horse needs regular trims and perfectly clean and moisturized hooves
  • Sheath cleaning
  • Temperature taking
  • Eating a sandwich or snack in the barn with your dirty hands, yet once in the city you are reluctant to touch door handles
  • Getting up super early on weekends for horse shows
  • How much you spent on vet bills
  • Talking to your horses excessively: “GUYS stop fighting over food right now!” “Awee did you like your treats?” “BOYSSS come get your treats!!” “Ooo you like when I scratch your rump don’t you??”
  • Family pictures but instead of a family it is just you and your horses
  • When you get upset because your friend or family cannot tell your horses apart
  • Your “nice” or “expensive” clothing is your show clothes or fancy barn clothes
  • Bought a truck with nice leather seats that smells soooo clean… let’s just throw this sweaty and dirty tack on these nice clean seats and enjoy the aroma of barn while driving
  • When company comes over to your house and you have to abandon them to go do chores because the horses do not like when their feeding is late
  • Discussing mares in heat with horse people around non-horse people
  • When a friend opens your fridge and find horse vaccines
  • When someone notices horse teeth somewhere in your house being stored like treasures

About Karlie: I am from Alberta, Canada and live on a farm with my equine crew (a Paint, QHx Arab, and two OTTBs). I mainly do English and jumping, but also enjoy western and trail riding. I love riding, training, learning about Equine Science related topics, and having a great time with my horses.



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