10 Common Sense Barn Rules That Boarders Tend to Forget/Ignore

Breanne Long reminds us of a few guidelines for happy stable co-habitation.

From Breanne:

I have visited, lessoned at, and boarded at many barns. Some have posted rules, some have unwritten rules, some have no rules. If I were a barn manager these are the top 10 rules I would institute.

Ten Rules for My Perfect Barn

1. Be nice to others, and be nice to horses–no exceptions.

2. Don’t borrow without asking permission.

3. Don’t move anything without asking permission.

4. Clean up after yourself and your horse. Pick up poop and sweep up hair, hay, and hoof dirt in the wash racks or aisle.

5. Don’t straight, ground, or cross-tie a horse that won’t stand quietly. Groom in your stall or choose a location away from others who are grooming and/or tacking.

6. Don’t leave filled hay nets, buckets of feed, handfuls of treats, etc. on the ground in front of your stall or anywhere that is easily accessible to other horses being led through the barn. It is a mess waiting to happen.

7. Ask those currently mounted which jumps they are using, if any, before moving or changing any jumps.

8. Don’t monopolize the wash racks. If you are just grooming or tacking use cross-ties in the aisle so those waiting to bathe can do so.

9. If you are holding your horse for the farrier or vet choose a location that is out of the way. Don’t block the main aisle for 30-45 minutes while your horse is attended to.

10. If someone does something clearly wrong AND it is a safety issue/hazard let the barn manager know. Don’t confront the person unless a horse or person is in immediate danger.

What are your rules for the perfect barn?


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