Video: Welsh beach ride helmet cam

Just a horse, a rider and the sound of hooves splashing through the surf. Instant stress relief!

The video was taken early in the morning on Dinas Dinlle beach in Wales, just to the south of Caernarfon and overlooking the Isle of Anglesey towards Newborough and Llanddwyn. There’s a Google Earth presentation at the beginning–fast forward to about 2:50 if you just want to be ambling along the beach already. It goes on for about 10 minutes like that, which is just enough time for a brief virtual vacation.

The rider is Phil Price and the horse is Colleen, a 15.3-hand Dutch Warmblood/Irish Draft cross mare.

[Phil Price]

Ah, that was nice. Not quite ready to return to reality? Stall a few more minutes via another Phil/Colleen helmet cam video, this time trekking through the countryside near the Welsh village of Rhosgadfan.

Go Riding.


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