Weekly Watering Hole, Presented by Horse Quencher

As the horses came around for the final stretch of a race at Australia’s Bathurst Racecourse last week, a surprise gauntlet of sprinklers made for an exciting finish.

Path To Freedom ended up passing Run Bullet Run and Roman Victory to win the race, and those tickets were honored, but there was good news for losing bettors. All non-winning tickets were refunded due to the sprinkler mishap.


Well, that’s one way to keep your horse “watered down.” Here’s a better idea:

Horse Quencher is a mix of grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. You’ll find Horse Quencher especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses, and also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. And, since it’s made of all-natural ingredients found in most horse feeds, you can be sure Horse Quencher is safe for competition.


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