Best of Craigslist: ‘georgeous buckskin branded ranch horse’

This horse seems like a real catch… if you can catch him. Also, “he will ride any kid”–what?!?!?

A big thanks to reader Aimee Walrath for sending this one our way!

From Craigslist (Utica, New York):

georgeous buckskin branded ranch horse

horse rides good all business ,,like any branded ranch horse
horse is hard to catch like any branded ranch horses out in pastures
I have only a run in with pasture & really wanted to just keep a few pets that I take great care of but you cant just Pet this guy …You have to plan a capture!
he would be a real 14-16yr 14.3 georgeous buckskin
best for home with barn stall & small paddock would be his living to catch him.
he will ride any kid & balance them out, no other vices & ties to anything.
No problem riding him out alone , great foot & had teeth floated about 6 months ago.
Not looking to just sell want him replaced with a friendly gelding only< with> color as they are more pet then ride here that’s all I want! appaloosa is a plus, not much bigger can go little smaller , obviously must be friendly!
of course a good trusted home please

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