Cuteness Beats the Odds

Two tiny horses–and their mother–beat 10,000-to-one odds when they were born safely at Holstein Park warmblood farm in Australia last week. 

warmblood twins


Born at 3 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, the twins surprised owners Philappa and Matthew Creamer when they came to check on the mare in the morning, reports An early ultrasound had not picked up the twins.


The mare, Missouri, gave birth to a filly and a colt. The filly is much bigger than her brother. He had “legs like spaghetti” and was unable to stand on his own for the first two days, said Philappa.

The little horse weighed in at about 44 pounds. The only blanket the couple could find that was small enough for him belonged to their dog, a whippet, so that’s what they nicknamed him. His sister, Bossy, does not like to share mom’s milk.

Another set of twins, born in Delaware this summer, is thriving.

delaware twins


 Bask in the double-adorableness of equine double cute:

arab twins


shire twins


twins hoof


grey shire twins


twins spotted


twins snuggle


paint twins


chico twins


running twins


Mule twins!

mule twins


Go Riding.


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