2013 Horse Nation Parade of Costumes

We asked you to show us your costumes, and you sure did! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Horse Nation has the best readers in the land.

Top: From Willard Scott, “Maggie Hitron and Cole Power just competed at Oktoberfest in Lexington, KY. Maggie finally got to live out her dream by riding a Unicorn XC.”


Molly Lennon: “Me and my Howie this year (he’s a unicorn)… I was so surprised that he actually put up with it:)”

Spiders Lobster Costume2

Kristen Reiter: “I present Amazing Spider as a ‘Mane’ Lobster, and myself as the proud deep sea fisherman who captured him!”


Hannah Reinke: “This is a picture of my horse Star and me. He is an ’80s rockSTAR and I am his groupie.”


Katie and Paddy Winkler Lad from Billings, Montana


Andrea Elmore: “This was my daughter, Olivia, and her horse, Max, this past weekend in a costume class. She’s an angel riding the devil. Not a huge stretch for Max!”

Skelehorse Ali, Aidan, Moose 2013

Kara LeMoine: “Here are some pictures of the Skeleton Horse Ali, with his boy skeleton Aidan, and skeleton dog Moose. That’s me, Kara, standing alone with Ali in the darker picture where he looks more like a skeleton. We won ‘Scariest Costume’ at the Chandler Vaqueros Saddle Club Halloween contest last weekend in Queen Creek, AZ.”

tara and damscus

Lisa Lyons: “Cutest little Witch ever. Tara and her trusted mount Damascus (28 year old retired National Champion). Local Halloween Show, Santa Rosa CA 2013. Donna Waggoner Training.”


Anita Kennedy: “My boarding barn had a Halloween party last weekend and my mare, Butters, dressed up as Applejack from the My Little Pony cartoon. Butters won ‘cutest costume’ in the costume contest and she was truly talented in the Apple Bobbing Races, managing to grab an apple on the first try each time.”


Kelly Muller: “My horse Rocket in his Halloween get-up:)”


Jacqueline Rimmler: “Goose and me in our tuxedos!”

Hannah R. and Dont Luke Down as Cruella De Vil and Pongo

Samantha R.: “Here is a picture of my sister Hannah Reppert (Purcellville,VA) riding her TB/Appaloosa cross gelding Dont Luke Down. He doesn’t have spots on him so those are spray painted on. They dressed up as Cruella De Vil and Pongo from the movie 101 Dalmatians. We did have people come up to us and asked if the spots were real!”


Ashley Pechacek: “Agnus, Edith and the Fluffy Unicorn from Despicable Me!”


LeaAnn Moore and friends: “We Wisconsinites seriously love our Packers!”

Lisa & Raven

Carrie Smith: “Lisa & Raven as the Blue Brothers.”


Daniela Andersson and Moonlight at a Halloween showjumping competition last year in Sweden.

melissa and Eclypse 2

Melissa Hooke: “This is me and Eclypse as a ring wraith (Nazgul) last weekend. Apparently this pony was born to be a war horse. He scoffed at the outfit and didn’t care I was waving a sword around. If I ever have to go hunt hobbits this is the horse I’m riding. It helps that he has a touch of evil in him. I love that pony!”


Rachael Rosenthal: “Here are a couple of pictures from my TB/QH filly ‘Lyric.’ In one, she’s a Baby Moose with snazzy shoes. ;-)…”


“…In the other she is showing her Phoenix Coyotes pride!”


“This is my daughter Machaela a.k.a. Wicked Witch of the West and her horse Daisy playing the flying monkey!”


Genie Haynes: “My daughter Kristen (age 11) is currently obsessed with Greek Mythology and the Goddess Girls book series. So, this year, she decided she wanted to be ‘Athena the Wise.’ Her horse, Acey (Bucks Acey Sue, a 9 year old AQH mare), is the Owl that guards the Tree of Life.”

alice and the rabbit

Bethany Hryniewich: “This was at last years annual Halloween Hunter Pace. I dressed up as Alice and the pony, Star, was the white rabbit. You can’t quite see, but Star has a little bow tie, glasses, and a pocket watch (:”


“Nadia was the deer, and my daughter Maddie was the road!!!!”


Jenna Uphoff: “Here is my pony named Prince being a princess:)”


Mandy Aholt: “Hughston and I just this past weekend in the costume class at our saddle club :)…”


“…The second is with my friend Leah, and her Andalusian mare Topaz as a princess and unicorn, while we are a hula girl and hula horse. The only two adults to play along, and we didn’t feel silly at ALL ;)”


Kelli Martin: “Not even death can keep the Army down.”


Jackie Schultz DeSpirito: “SuperMule!”


Laura Ann Kosiorek: “To go with your “Halloween” post: My friend Rachel Olson at a Combined test at Hackamore Farm…”


Rebecca J. Mikell: “Pony Potter!”

And one more! Check out this video from Jaclyn L. Grant, who writes, “I wanted to share a video of me and my sister dressed as bananas while my boyfriend dressed as a gorilla for the 9th annual Spook-a-Rama scavenger pace held on October 20th. The Round-a-Bit 4-H club puts this fun event together every year with tons of activities on a 4-6 mile trail ride at The Bucks County Horse Park. My mom caught us with her phone and I love the commentary. I crack up every time I watch it so I hope you can enjoy as well!” Check it out here.

Group shot!


Happy Halloween, and Go Riding!

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