Wednesday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

Give your old boot the boot–WEB just announced its new Equilibrium Tri-Zone Airlite Allsports II with enhanced features.

From World Equestrian Brands:

World Equestrian Brands, LLC, distributors of some of the world’s winningest high performance equestrian products, announces the redesign of the Equilibrium Airlite Allsports II and Open Front II boots.

“The boots have always been very popular, however the design changes and details are a home run”, states Robin Moore, owner of WEB. “The Allsports and Open Fronts will continue to provide the proven protection from concussion and penetration they always have, however the look has been refined, with the beautiful addition of patent leather in key areas, as well as a new interior layer that is super soft and protective.”


The Tri-zone brand is built on a core principle of zoned protection where it’s needed most. Made of a three-layer Tri-zone system, the inner layer is made of soft impact-absorbing EVA which is formed into perforated pillows for maximum comfort and heat dissemination. The middle layer has a strong flexible shield that protects the vulnerable tendon area. The outer layer is made of EVA mesh which acts as additional shock-absorbing material that allows heat, moisture and water to escape freely from inside the boots.

The boots come in black or white. The two model choices are the Tri-zone Airlite Open Front II, featuring the Airlite system’s scientifically-tested protection, a new look and the redesigned patented TPU strip along the back plus double-closure Velcro system; or the sleek multipurpose Tri-zone Airlite Allsports II, whose versatile design serves well for flatwork, jumping, hacking out, or even turn out. Allsports feature all the elements of the Tri-zone Airlite system plus a double Velcro system for security and a handy grip tab for easy removal.

The Tri-zone Airlite Boots are distributed exclusively by World Equestrian Brands, LLC, which is committed to providing world class, high performance equestrian products with hassle-free, personalized service backed by an experienced team of riders. To learn more about the new Tri-zone Airlite Boots or discover its complete catalog of products, including Amerigo, Equilibrium, EA Mattes and Vespucci, please visit

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!


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