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What do you know about heaves? Our friends at KPP give us the low-down.

From the KPP Tips & Topics Blog:

Heaves is often triggered when a horse inhales airborne particulates such as dust, mold, mites, and other substances into their lungs. If a horse is allergic to a specific particle it triggers an inflammatory response, which leads to swelling and mucus production in the lungs. Inflammation and mucus restrict air flow, and over time can damage airway tissues. Some horses have a genetic predisposition to allergies. Some allergies are present at birth and others are caused by chronic exposure. If you have a horse prone to allergies, reducing airborne particulate levels by wetting hay and feed before offering it to your horse is a helpful strategy.


Article written by KPP staff.

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When health issues arise, always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian who can help you choose the correct course of action for your horse. Supplements are intended to maintain healthy systems and support recovery and healing. They are not intended to treat or cure illness or injury.

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