Let’s Discuss: Who Reads Anything on Paper Anymore?

There’s a new print equestrian magazine in town, funded by Kickstarter. Will they make it in an increasingly digital age?

[top image: Equestrian Culture website]

As I was doing some research on crowdfunding for my “real job,” I came across an intriguing (already funded) Kickstarter campaign. A new equestrian magazine is coming to print!

…in 2013. At a point when the death of print, and reading, and literacy in general, has been widely publicized for over ten years.

The new magazine is called Equestrian Culture, and from what I can tell, it’s basically a Vogue/Pinterest mashup in print. Pretty pictures and equine-related crafting ideas paired with glamour shots of fancy products.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to read — and write — about riding (say that five times fast). I follow over 25 horse blogs full of similarly pretty pictures and writeups of the awesome things people are doing with their horses. And I really don’t want to share how many times I obsessively check my blog RSS app  on my phone when I’m bored and most likely supposed to be doing something else, but let me tell you — the number is somewhere between 10 and 10 million.


I think Honest Abe would have been a Horse Nation fan.

[Wikimedia Commons]

And I know you readers love the fun, the ridiculousness, and the usefulness of reading about other riders online too — according to our Horse Nation Facebook stats, our reach extends to almost 100,000 of you a week!

The audience of horse-crazed folks who love to read is still out there. So have the reports of the death of print been greatly exaggerated?

Well, I’m asking you.

Where do you think the future of horsey magazines is going? Obviously, I think it’s in digital — otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing for Horse Nation! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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