Horses & Ads: Meet the star of the Chevy 'Her Horse' commercial

I just kind of assumed she was an L.A. model in a cowboy hat–but no! She's a real live horse trainer.

Here's the original commercial, in case you missed it when it first aired this summer:

And here's a just-posted interview with Nicole Rose, the horse trainer that starred in the commercial:

Of course, Horse Nation had to take things one step further (we always do) and stalk Nicole on the interwebs (don't be creeped out Nicole–it's only because we heart you!) We found out she's the head trainer at Sterling Rose Stables in Agoura Hills, California, and not only is she a baller at western riding, as gets played up in the commercial, she's also an accomplished jump rider whose students are involved in a variety of disciplines, ranging from barrel-racing to three-day eventing.

Nicole, Horse Nation salutes you.

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Silly boys, trucks are for girls! Go women and trucks and horses.


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