Video: 'The Flying Dutchman' at Hannover

Driving is a crazy sport–and it doesn't get much wilder than this video of Koos de Ronde, the reigning FEI World Cup Driving champion, winning the first leg of the new season.

The competition took place in Hannover, Germany and featured an exciting showdown between the top three competitors: Koos de Ronde (NED), Boyd Exell (AUS) and IJsbrand Chardon (NED).

From the FEI press release:

Boyd Exell set the fastest time in the Winning Round, but unexpectedly had a knock down. Second starter IJsbrand Chardon used a new leader in his team to increase his speed and drove a clear round, but was slightly slower than Exell.

Last man in, Koos de Ronde knew he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes and kept his head clear. The tension grew amongst the many enthusiastic spectators in Hannover as De Ronde drove at top speed through the much-praised course, designed by German O-course designer Dr Wolfgang Asendorf. The crowd cheered as never before when De Ronde, who also drove a new leader horse in his four-in-hand, was crowned the winner after a clear round.”

Koos de Ronde's interview after the win:

Boyd Exell's second place round:

And  IJsbrand Chardon, rounding out the top three:

Go Driving!


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