Horse Play: A guide to equine toys

On the off chance your horse grows weary of the whole eating-sleeping-nibbling on friends routine, here are some ways to help him endure those long hours without you.

Top: Equi-spirit Toys

The Jolly Ball: This tried-and-true equine toy is virtually indestructible–no amount of puncturing, biting or throwing it around will deflate it, as demonstrated by the horses in the video below! For a twist on the classic, check out the Horseplay Ball or Jolly Stall Snack w/ Apple Ball.

The Likit Boredom Breaker: Your horse's mind and tongue will be kept occupied by this refillable apparatus. Similar toys include the Likit Tongue Twister, Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls and Uncle Jimmy's Big Licky Starter Kit.

The Sidekick: This five foot-tall toy provides hours of entertainment (or terror, depending on your horse). Kind of like me (though I'm a whole inch taller). Goats also enjoy the Sidekick, according to the catalog description. It comes with a detailed instructions on how to introduce the toy to your equine friend, to prevent mishaps (or heart attacks). The image on the toy is a horse with boxing gloves, because clowns are scary.

jolly side kick

The Jolly Sidekick

The Neigh Station 3-in-1 Activity Center for Horses: Not only can your horse admire themselves in the shatterproof mirror, but they can while away the hours torturing the Western Earl or English Charlie, who dangle helplessly from above.

“Who's the fairest, er, marest, of them all?”

Not eager to pony up for spendy toys? A few great DIY options:

Got milk? This version uses Tupperware, but there's no limit to the toys you can make with plastic milk jugs, baling twine and duct tape.

milk jug carrot thing


Carrot kabobs! (Works with apples too)

fruit kabob


And, last but definitely not least, it's the perfect time of year to bob for apples.

bobbing for apples[myequestrianworld]

Tobie shows how it's done:

Go Riding.


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