Video: Alycia Burton, free riding superhero

Alycia Burton of Free Riding NZ makes me want to lose my horse’s tack and gallop off into the sunset–you know, just being one with my horse.

Of course we all know what would happen if I actually tried that…


…yeah. But the idea still intrigues me, as does Alycia Burton’s Free Riding NZ training program. The 25-year-old New Zealander is a self-made internet phenom, with photos and videos of her amazing bridleless/saddleless jumping feats having been widely circulated on the web. She now has a DVD out, available here, featuring Alycia’s story as well as a full instructional segment.

Here’s a glimpse of her riding GoldRush, her most famous partner. Watch more videos on the Free Riding YouTube channel here.

Go Free Riding.

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