Horses, Ink.

We brand them. And horses brand us, sometimes with unforgettable memories, other times with scars from, say, stitches after an encounter with a terrifying plastic bag. It’s only natural we’d want to ink tributes to these magnificent creatures on our skin.

Here are some options:

You could start with a simple symbol:

tribal tiny shoulder

lower back running

Then go big:

chestnut back

black back
color torso

Express your tribal nature (or someone else’s):

tribal back

tribal arm

tribal torso boy

Or your equestrian tribe of choice:



race horses

barrel racer

jumper torso

Rejoice in shoes you don’t have to replace every 6-8 weeks:

horseshoe ankle

Declare brand allegiance!


Even if your brand is Hasbro:


mlp and cupcake

mlp sleeve

Go artsy:

abstract guy front

back abstract

triple head back

running back and lion

asian leg

big mane torso

Be bold:

leg colog

bright color shoulder

Post a reminder:

one joy

lending me wings

heels down

Show us YOUR horse tattoo! Post to our Facebook page here.

Go Riding.


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