13 Ways to Get Your Horse Fix When the Weather's Awful

Fall is here, and with it, short days, terrible weather, and mud. So much mud. Here's what you can do to combat the bad-weather blues.

Is your horse looking more and more like a Swamp Thing when he comes out of his muddy pasture? Does your outdoor arena look more like a reservoir? Even if it's too icky to ride, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy spending time with your horse no matter what the weather.

[Top photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Take a selfie.


Give your horse a mini beehive.

midnight-bhiveDo a little conformation critique and find out all the things wrong with your horse!


Practice ground manners.

horses hoof v riding boot


Learn to braid (don't worry, you have all winter).


[Robert Lindsay]

Put your hands in your pony's blanket. So warm!

Blanket Fitting Spot Checks 1

[Al-Bar Ranch]

Make snowhorse angels.

8326937433_5525ac39b2[flickr user bambe1964]

Mudhorse angels work too.

DSC00351[Hard Headed Woman]

Transfer the mud from your horse to yourself.


[Earlham College]

Pony makeovers!


[Peavine Creek Saddlebred Horses]

Find an indoor to ride in. Chandeliers optional. 713px-Spanische_Hofreitschule3,_Vienna


No indoor?


[Lady Fi]

Clean tack.photo(3)

Who are we kidding…open a bottle of wine and clean tack.


Snuggle up with some reading material, make some bad decisions on smartpakequine.com…all in a day's work.


Go Riding! (If the weather isn't too awful.)


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