News: Panicked horse runs into hotel lobby, suffers fatal injuries

Here's the latest on a strange, sad story coming out of Birmingham, England.

According to the Daily Mail, yesterday morning a horse escaped from a nearby field and ran amok through the town before entering a Best Western hotel through sliding glass doors. The horse was panicked and unable to maintain its footing on the slippery tile floor. Surveillance camera footage shows the horse attempting to enter the elevator, perhaps seeking some sort of refuge.

Heather Thornton, director of sales at the hotel, said: 'The horse tried to get into the lift and then it reversed out again. It was stressed and frightened. It did a lot of damage to the lobby. It made some dents in the wall and knocked over plants but the staff were worried about the horse.”

The horse eventually made it back outside, where it was captured by police. According to the New York Daily News, “It's believed the animal, which was badly injured from its exploits and suffered from a limp, was later put down.”


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