Eventing Nation: The evolution of a horse show in GIFs

Kate Samuels guides us through some of the universal experiences we share when competing our horses.

From Kate:

Going to a horse show is an emotional event. You spend all your money getting there, all your energy preparing for it, and then you get there and experience everything from extreme elation to utter despair at least once in the span of three days. Then, you drive home, and recharge for a few days, only to look on your calendar for the next one coming up! We love 'em and can't live without them. Here's some GIFs to perfectly sum up this roller coaster of emotions.

When You Arrive And See All Your Friends Stabled Next To You

In The Warmup For Your Dressage Test

How Your Horse Sometimes Imagines The Dressage Judge

That Split Second When You Think You’ve Forgotten Your Test: In Your Head It's Like

20 Minutes Later, When You’re Checking Live Scores, And You Didn't Get A Good Score

When You Walk Your Cross Country Course The First Time

That One Fence: You Just Know You're Going To Look Like This:

Your Coach’s Face in Show Jumping Warm Up

After Your Double Clean Show Jumping Round

The Night Before Cross Country: WINE

Heading To The Start Box: So Ready

After Cross Country

When You Get Back Home



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