11 Ways Dogs Can Help at the Barn

They’re always excited to head to the barn. They make us smell fresh, in comparison, afterward. And they never scoff if we trot around on the wrong diagonal. There are a zillion ways dogs can help at the barn. Here are just a few:

1. Supervise  conditioning road work.

dog trot set

2. Keep barn cats under control.

dog barn cat

3. Keep things copacetic with everyone in the pasture.

pasture dog

4. Cool your horses down after a workout.

dog cooldown jpeg

5. Guard the precious beasties…

dog guard horse

6. …and other precious things.


dog guard beertiff

7. Manure management…

eat poop

8. …all kinds of manure management.

dog bunny poop

9. Make sure you keep things in perspective.

big dog

10. Help maintain impulsion

doggy impulsion

11. Provide pertinent riding tips.

sat deeper

Go Riding.


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