Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

Have I ever told you about the time my horse ripped his blanket?


No, not that time.


Not that time either…


Oh yeah, THAT’S THE ONE.

In case you haven’t noticed, my horse is a master blanket shredder. I don’t know if Edward Scissorhands is sneaking into his pasture at night or what, but Esprit can destroy a blanket like nothing I’ve ever seen.

The third photo was his tour de force. In the process of going cheese-grater on his blanket, he managed to lose a shoe, spring another (there was a shred of blanket wedged between it and his hoof) and, more pressingly, lacerate one fetlock and bonk a knee. Three out of four legs–good job, buddy. I like the “I didn’t do it, I don’t know what happened” expression on his face–nice touch.

This is the SmartPak Ultimate Ballistic Nylon Turnout Blanket that Esprit got for Christmas last year, following his grand finale blanket apocalypse. Made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon, it even comes with a 10-year indestructible guarantee.


Go ahead, just try to shred this one.

The specs:

  • Available in Light (no fill) and Medium (220g)
  • 1050 denier ballistic nylon is ultra durable and the toughest blanket material available
  • Nylon outer is waterproof and breathable, so your horse stays dry and protected from the elements without feeling stifled underneath
  • Nylon lining
  • Two low-cross surcingles keep the blanket secure on your horse
  • Quick-clip front closures are easily adjustable and allow you to take your horse’s blanket on and off effortlessly
  • Nylon/elastic leg straps allow freedom of movement and keep the blanket from shifting
  • Tail flap provides additional protection from the elements so your horse stays warm and dry
  • Backed by a 10-Year Indestructible Guaranteeif anything happens to this blanket within 10 years of your purchase, SmartPak will replace it—no matter what!

Ten months later, I’ve got three words: Blanket. Still. Intact. And I’m so confident that it’s going to stay that way, I’m not even running to knock on wood.

Is your horse’s cold-weather wardrobe up to date? Check out SmartPak’s full line of blankets here.

Go SmartPak and Go Riding!



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