10 Unusual Uses for Ponies

Did they ask for this? No. Did they put up with it? At least long enough to snap a photo.

Children being the devious creatures they are, throughout history ponies have been subjected to all sorts of creative uses.

Need to get home before you turn into a pumpkin? Turn the pony into a Cinderella-mobile.


Too tired to trailer home after the show? Take a nap on your pony/bed.

couch[Replay Classifieds]

Want to practice your swan dive? Use your pony as a diving board, since we all know where this is headed…


Need some decoration for your house? Get your kid to turn the family pony into a Jackson Pollock painting.



Ponies make great floats for swimming.

Angel$20$26$20Heidi$20swimming[Divinity Farm]

Or if you prefer swimming in the safety of your tub, you could always use your pony as a rubber ducky.

duckie[Horsecity Forum]

Ponies can even be Thoroughbreds. Who knew?

Shetland Pony Grand National

[Wikimedia Commons]

They’re not half-bad as cat sitters.


And of course, their “My Little Pony” impressions are spot on.


[Turning K Performance Horses]

But “best friend” is still most ponies’ top job description.

Ginger3-705x470[All About Learning Press]

Go Ponies.


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