EventionTV Presents: How horses eat their food

Is your horse a picker? A scarfer? A stealer? Evention’s imitations of the ways horses eat are spot-on.

This morning on Eventing Nation Kate Samuels wrote, “Last week Evention launched a brand new season of videos and a sparkling new website to go along with it. We were assured that our entertainment and education would continue every two weeks, but as it turns out, they just couldn’t stay away from us for that long. Inspired by “How Animals Eat Their Food“, this week’s fun video features some very good imitations of hungry horses that we’ve all owned at one point or another. I currently own both the stuffed one that gets only two sprinkles of grain and the grouchy one that steals everyone else’s food! For more great videos, be sure to check out the new EventionTV website and take a look back at Season 1!”

Evention is produced by Jimmie and Dom Shramm of Schramm Equestrian and filmed by Right Start Photography.

Be sure to visit EventionTV.com, where you can view, comment, share and explore videos as well as check out new features and other happenings on Evention. All-new episodes are posted every other Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. EST.

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Go Evention, and Go Riding!


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